System Construction [252-0286-00]

Course at D-INFK, AS 2018, Felix Friedrich with Paul Reed

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Time and Place

LectureWednesday 13:00-15:00 CAB H 52
LabWednesday 15:15-17:00 CAB H 52


This is a plan. No plan survives contact with reality. I will constantly update lecture slides before the lectures take place.

Lecture Summary

The lecture course introduces and illustrates principles of computer system construction with four case studies. In the first part of the course, the necessary knowledge to build systems on contemporary, off-the-shelf hardware is presented for both single-core and multi-core systems. In the second part of the course it will be presented how a complete system (based on Field Programmable Gate Arrays) is constructed from scratch, incorporating lessons learned in the first part from mastering the pragmatic complexities of today's commodity hardware.


We provide tutorial-like exercises in a block of two hours each week (Wednesday 3pm - 5pm after the lectures).



Felix Friedrich, Tel. 044 632 8312,
Paul Reed