System Construction (252-0286-00L)

Course at D-INFK, AS 2017, Felix Friedrich with Paul Reed

Date Message
2017.12.11 Slides and assignment 11 online

Time and Place

LectureTuesday 14:15 - 16:00 CAB G 56
LabTuesday 16:15-18:00 CAB G 56


This is a plan. No plan survives contact with reality.

Week Date Slides Exercises
1 19.09 Case Study 1
ARM Architecture and the Lab's Hardware (BCM 2836 on a Raspberry Pi 2)
Minimal ARM Setup, Linking, GPIO control
2 26.09. Cross-Development, Programming Language Oberon, Linking and Loading Ex 01 continued,
Linking, Loading and Unloading
3 03.10. Virtual Memory Management Ex 02 continued,
Using the MMU to Balance Heap and Stack
4 10.10. IRQs and Scheduling Ex 03 continued,
5 17.10. SPI, MMC/SD Cards, RS232 Ex 04 continued,
SPI Driver
6 24.10. Case Study 2: A2
Interrupt System (Intel x86 APIC), Active Oberon Computing Model, A2 Kernel
Assignment 5 continued;
Debugging a Kernel
7 31.10. Stack Management, Context Switches, Activity Management, Priority Inheritance Assignment 5 and 6 continued;
Implementing Priority Inheritance
8 7.11. Priority Inheritance (slides last week), Garbage Collection, Object File Format Assignment 7: Implementing Priority Inheritance
9 14.11. Lock-Free Kernel: Lock-freedom, Memory-model, Contention and backoff, Memory re-use and ABA problem, Pointer Tagging and Hazard Pointers, Non-blocking (scheduling) queue Assignment 7 continued
10 21.11. Lock-Free Kernel (2): Cooperative multitasking and Thread local storage. Lock free implementation of a Mutex (RPI / x86)
11 28.11. Case Study 3: RISC (Lectures by Paul Reed)
Custom-Designed Single Processor: The RISC architecture
Tools + Workflow, Instruction Timer, Light Detector
12 5.12. Project Oberon on RISC Screensaver, Wireless Network Traffic Monitor, Network Time Client
13 12.12. Case Study 4: Active Cells
Custom-Designed Systems On Chip. A Programming Model
Ex 10 ctd. Multicore Computing on FPGAs – Implementation of the Simon Game
14 19.12. Behind the Scenes of Active Cells. TRM Processor and Interconnects TRM Implementation (not covered in class) Ex 11 ctd.

Lecture Summary

The lecture course introduces and illustrates principles of computer system construction with four case studies. In the first part of the course, the necessary knowledge to build systems on contemporary, off-the-shelf hardware is presented for both single-core and multi-core systems. In the second part of the course it will be presented how a complete system (based on Field Programmable Gate Arrays) is constructed from scratch, incorporating lessons learned in the first part from mastering the pragmatic complexities of today's commodity hardware.


We provide tutorial-like exercises in a block of two hours each week (Tuesday 4pm - 6pm after the lectures).



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Paul Reed